On 28th May 2014, 203 SSAFA employees from around the world split into teams and embarked upon the Global Corporate Challenge - a 100 day virtual journey around the globe.  We joined in this international GCC Trophy Challenge along with over 4000 teams from 1200 companies and 185 countries.

We finished our journey on 4th September, fitter and healthier. At the beginning of the Challenge, only 11% of us were achieving 10,000 steps a day, which is what the World Health Organisation says we need to do to for good health. At the end of the Challenge, 78% of us were doing this and more, regularly. On our journey we averaged 12,904 steps each a day - a distance of 8.26km.  Together we did 249,178,538 steps, 159,474 kilometres - the equivalent of walking 4 times round the world. We became competitive, in a healthy way. We had fun and we enjoyed a good team spirit. We competed in mini competitions and we won virtual trophies. Now we have a real one to show how well we have done. And the best reward of all - we all became healthier, happier and proud of our personal achievements.

Although our 100 day journey is over, the Challenge is not finished yet. We begin our next event in December. This is our 16 Day Sprint against a Virtual opponent, which is an individual - not a team Challenge. That should help us get trim before we enter the festive spirit of Christmas temptation!

For those of you who are joining us in the Sprint - see you there! For any of you who missed out on joining in the Global Corporate Challenge and would like to find out more about it and its health features, visit

A quote from Carolynne Davey, the GCC Administrator for SSAFA, 'I would like to thank my Manager, Ian Westall, and the Management Board for their support and enabling us to enter the Challenge.'