SSAFA's Dietitian at work within BFC

SSAFA’s registered dietitian in Cyprus worked in partnership with SODEXO to develop and deliver a health promotion stand for the DPHC wellbeing fayre in RAF Akrotiri.

The wellbeing fayre was aimed at the entire Akrotiri community and included display stands from a range of healthcare professionals and civilians, focusing on health and wellbeing.

The display by SSAFA’s dietitian and SODEXO included sugars in drinks, fats in snacks, healthy breakfast idea’s, isotonic drinks and a sensory fruit and vegetable display.

The event was well attended by the community, as well as Akrotiri primary school, who had allocated time to visit the different display stands. 

During this time groups of children were asked to identify the fruits and vegetables they knew and had tried and also the ones they were unsure of by using their sight, taste, touch and smell. All the children were enthusiastic and eager to participate, with many trying new fruits and vegetables.

Parents showed further interest in the visual display of sugars in drinks and fats in snacks which delivered the desired shock factor.   

From this experience the registered dietitian was able to grasp an understanding of this population’s knowledge on nutrition and its related health problems. Providing scope for future nutritional health promotion across BFC.