Employees around the world compete in teams of seven over the course of 100 days as the GCC takes them on a journey that will increase their physical activity levels and improve their diet and the quality of their sleep. More than 40,000 teams sign up to the challenge and each participant gets two GCC Pulse Accelerometers to track their daily activity. Teams work towards a daily target of 10,000 steps.

Carolynne Davey, SSAFA's Occupational Health Advisor, reports on their progress in the first 25 days of their challenge:

"SSAFA GCC participants are doing exceedingly well in this year's Challenge. Together we 161 participants have already beaten last year's average steps, which was 12,904. We are now on over fourteen and a half thousand! We are doing amazingly well – and still room for improvement, so no slacking!!

The 23 SSAFA teams, from Germany, Cyprus, Belgium, Brunei and the UK, began their virtual journey on the Asian continent then were transported to Australia. After 'stepping' across Australia, some of the teams have reached New Zealand and those leading the Challenge have already reached the USA. And the competition is tough.

In the first 25 days of their challenge, the SSAFA teams collectively burned off the equivalent of 4,472 large burgers, 13,232 glasses of red wine and 8,559 slices of cake. 

Well done team SSAFA!

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