School Nurse Helen Provan and Dietician Nicole Walker have teamed up to make a positive impact on the health of young people in British forces Cyprus.

Helen and Nicole recently rewrote the National Child Measurement Program (NCMP) Policy for British Forces Cyprus and made some bold changes to the way in which they follow up our overweight/obese young people, therefore it was time to head to the classrooms to visit the year six pupils at Dhekelia Primary School.

Dhekelia Primary School is a healthy school with many ongoing initiatives to encourage pupils to increase their exercise and improve their diet. They have recently completely the 'Healthy Me' program which is a 6 week package to improve health, diet and exercise throughout the school community.

The students welcomed Helen and Nicole to their school and enjoyed showing them the geography immersion room. The team ran through the children's' jungle' to carry out year six's measurements. The team feel they are making positive steps by assisting Public health England with their 2017 plan to significantly reduce the rates of childhood obesity over the next ten years.

Helen Provan, School Nurse.